black panther 2

Black Panther 2 will enter theaters in 2022

Well hello to superhero fans As we all know that Phase 3 of marvel universe has ended with Avengers endgame in which we lost one of our legendry superhero iron man who died to protect earth from thanos. And not just a superhero we also lost the person who created this superhero world “Stan lee”. […]

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Reliance jio fiber plans

Reliance Jio Fiber Plans

Jio fiber internet, One of the most awaited internet service has given a new update few days back. Mukesh D Ambani  has  revealed that Reliance jio is all set for commercial launch of Jio fiber connection on September 5 . The beta trials of the jio fiber broadband access were started last year in august. […]

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Facebook to rename instagram and whatsapp

We all are aware about these two social media  apps Instagram and Whatsapp but lot of people are still unknown to the fact that  these two social media platforms are the sub-brands of Facebook. Mark Zukerbarg bought Instagram in year 2012 and Whatsapp in 2014 and since the Facebook allowed these two applications to operate […]

4 upcoming big-budget Bollywood movies

As we all know that 2019 is a year of great projects by Bollywood till now such as Uri , Gully Boy,  Kesari and etc. And there are more to release in coming days Kabir singh , Article 15 , Sahoo and more. But this wave of outstanding movies is not gonna calm with this […]