Why the sun cannot scorch leaves?

Hey guys here is a new interesting and amazing fact…….. If you put a piece of metal or glass put in sun, you will find, in a short while, that it becomes warm. But leaves remain cool to the touch even if they have been in the sun all day. Here is the reason. Leaves […]

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What the ‘ Chipko movement’ is?

‘Chipko’ means ‘to hug’ or to cling to something. The chipko Movement is an ecology movement that was started by the women of a village called Reni in the Indian Himalayas. They protected their trees from woodcutters by hugging them. The concept soon caught the imagination of the world and now the term Chipko has […]

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How divers find ancient shipwrecks?

Shipwrecks may lie several kilometers deep at the bottom of the ocean. Sometimes air crashes occur over water, and the wreckage sinks to the bottom of the sea. Often it is necessary to find these wrecks, either to recover valuable cargo or to find out the cause of the disaster. Wrecks usually lie so deep […]

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Why lizards rarely falls off ceilings?

Hey guys Here i m presenting another amazing and Fun fact …. Many Southeast Asian Homes have tiny lizards which creep along the walls. People generally do not like to harm such creatures as they perform a vital pest control service by eating flies and other insects. A lizard can climb walls walks across ceilings […]

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Vivo Z1x 4GB RAM: Specs and price

Positive Excellent camera Amazing display Great performance Sufficient battery capacity Flash Charging technology Negative Non-expandable storage No screen protection Brief Vivo Z1x 4GB RAM is a mid-range smartphone that comes with impressive features. It can offer amazing performance owing to the strong processing, huge battery capacity, sufficient storage and excellent set of cameras. However, it […]

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Today’s Fact: How cows warm our earth?

Hey guys here i present u another amazing and interesting fact Cattle are important farm animals, because they supply dairy product, leather and other materials. In India, few people eat beef because of religious reasons. India has 460 millions cattle, more than any other country in the world. Most Indian cows, however, are thin and […]

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Today’s Fact: How ice can burn you?

Hey all Here is another amazing and interesting fact for you by planet4facts You probably think that only hot objects, such as a lighted match, can burn you. When you touch something hot, the nerve-endings in your fingers react at once. The nerve instantly flashes a message to the brain, telling it that something dangerous […]

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Today’s Fact: Why bones survive?

Hey guys here is new amazing and interesting fact for you all Why bones survive???? You probably think that a person’s bones disintegrate soon after death. In fact, bones are quiet resistant to decay. Archaeologists – scientists who study past cultures by digging up ancient towns cities – sometimes find human skeletons that are very […]

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Today’s Fact: what the ‘abominable snowman’ is?

Hey guys Here i am presenting you another interesting and amazing fact about abominable snowman… Legends have it that a huge, hairy, man-like creature lives in the Himalayas. This is the Yeti, or the abdominal snowman. Many Tibetans claim to have seen the Yeti. Some years ago, mountaineers in the Himalayas Photographed a huge footprint […]

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OnePlus 7T : Price in India and specifications

India’s one of the leading mobile company has returned with another amazing Smartphone for its customers. This time it’s Oneplus 7T, it is bigger and better than the rest of the models with some amazing specifications which will make us think about changing our current tech. We all are aware that Oneplus has a record […]

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