Today’s Fact: How detergents pollute earth?

Hello to all Here i m presenting you another new interesting and fun fact about how detergents pollute our earth? A detergent is a chemical used for cleaning. Usually, when we say ‘detergent’ we mean a cleaning agent that is made from synthetic substances. You possible use powdered detergents to wash your clothes at home. […]

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Today’s Fact : What indicator species are?

Hey friends I m here with a new interesting and fun fact about what indicator species are? Animals share a complex and fascinating relationship with their habitat. Elephants, for examples, are the largest land mammals, but even they seem dwarfed when surrounded by the vast plains of Africa or the tall grasses of north-east India. […]

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Today’s Fact: Why insects ‘sing’?

Hello guys Here i am again presenting you interesting and fun fact about why insects ‘sing’? Insects do not have vocal chords as we do. But many insects all over the world have learned how to ‘sing’. If you go out into the countryside on a warm evening as the sun goes down, you will […]

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Today’s Fact: Where talcum powder comes from?

Hello friends Today i m gonna tell you the interesting and fun fact about where talcum powder comes from????? Talcum powder is the soft, white powder which soothes your skins during the hot summer months. It is made from mineral called talc. Talc is the softest mineral known to us. Chemically, it is compound of […]

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Today’s Fact: How Basketball began?

Hey guy’s here i m a with an amazing and interesting fact Basketball is a relatively ’new’ game. People have played it for only a hundred years. In 1891, James Naismith, a sport instructor in the United States, found that school children got bored with routine exercises. Also, it was difficult to play outdoor games […]

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Today’s fact: How pearls are formed?

Hey guy’s as you all know that i bring Fun facts and interesting facts on daily basis, so today i brought you another fact about nature today’s interesting fact is about how pearls are formed????….. Oysters are shellfish that live on sea and river beds. When they are hungry, they open their shells and draw […]

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Today’s Fact : How we first measured length ?

In ancient times, parts of the body were used to measure length. The Egyptians has a standard length from the elbow to the middle fingertip. This was called a ‘cubit’. The width of a hand, or four fingers, was called a ‘palm’ or ‘hand’. We still use ‘hands’ to measure the height of a horse. […]

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Today’s Fact: How mountains die?

When you observe the same mountain year after year, it always seems to look the same. But this is not the case. The mountain is actually changing every day! It is literally being eaten away by ‘erosion’. Natural forces like wind, rain and forest constantly wear mountains away. Little by little, these natural forces remove […]

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Today’s Fact: What an albino is?

The word ‘albino’ comes from Latin word ‘albus’ , meaning ‘white’. We all have a brown pigment called melanin in our skins, although some of us have more than others. But you may have seen people who look unusually pale. Their bodies are deficient in melanin and they called albinos. Albinos are very sensitive to […]

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Today’s Fact: Why zebras have stripes?

Zebras can be told apart from horses and asses by the stripes on their bodies.  There are many species of zebra-Burchell’s, mountain and Grevy’s-and they all have different patterns of stripes. Zebra coloring is a form of camouflage. When predators stalk a herd, they target one weak, injured or young animal which they will then […]

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