Reliance jio fiber plans

Reliance Jio Fiber Plans

Jio fiber internet, One of the most awaited internet service has given a new update few days back. Mukesh D Ambani  has  revealed that Reliance jio is all set for commercial launch of Jio fiber connection on September 5 . The beta trials of the jio fiber broadband access were started last year in august.

Ambani  also revealed that while the offering was initially known as Jio GigaFiber that was planned to bring 1Gbps speed broadband access to consumers, it would now be available as Jio Fiber — under which the most basic plan starts with 100Mbps speed. However, he did mention that there will be plans up to 1Gbps as well.

Jio Fiber pricing, welcome offer

The Jio Fiber plans will be priced between Rs. 700 and Rs. 10,000 per month to meet the diverse demands of consumer. 

Reliance jio is also set to offer an HD LED TV or 4K TV with a 4K set-top box for customers going for an annual plan called Jio Forever Plan. However, Reliance hasn’t revealed further details about this plan.

Jio Postpaid Plus

Jio Fiber customers will get access to Jio Postpaid Plus plans, which include a priority SIM-setup service at home. Jio Postpaid Plus plans will provide a “platinum-grade” experience, and will also include unmatched family plans, affordable international roaming, and phone upgrades at affordable rates.

Jio Home Phone

Ambani detailed about Jio Home Phone that will be the fixed-line service available with high-speed broadband service to allow its customers international calling with the lowest fixed-line rates. Existing Jio GigaFiber and new Jio Fiber customers would be able to get voice calling support through the new service. Customers will also get unlimited international calling pack at Rs. 500 per month to make calls in the US and Canada.

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