Today’s fact: How pearls are formed?

Hey guy’s as you all know that i bring Fun facts and interesting facts on daily basis, so today i brought you another fact about nature today’s interesting fact is about how pearls are formed????….. Oysters are shellfish that live on sea and river beds. When they are hungry, they open their shells and draw […]

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Today’s Fact: How mountains die?

When you observe the same mountain year after year, it always seems to look the same. But this is not the case. The mountain is actually changing every day! It is literally being eaten away by ‘erosion’. Natural forces like wind, rain and forest constantly wear mountains away. Little by little, these natural forces remove […]

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Today’s Fact: What an albino is?

The word ‘albino’ comes from Latin word ‘albus’ , meaning ‘white’. We all have a brown pigment called melanin in our skins, although some of us have more than others. But you may have seen people who look unusually pale. Their bodies are deficient in melanin and they called albinos. Albinos are very sensitive to […]

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Today’s Fact: Why zebras have stripes?

Zebras can be told apart from horses and asses by the stripes on their bodies.  There are many species of zebra-Burchell’s, mountain and Grevy’s-and they all have different patterns of stripes. Zebra coloring is a form of camouflage. When predators stalk a herd, they target one weak, injured or young animal which they will then […]

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Today’s Fact : Why astronomers build observatories on mountain top?

Astronomers are scientists who study the heavens. Many of them build their observatories on high mountains from where they can study the stars and planets. Our planet is surrounded by layers of air which we call the atmosphere. It allows light and some radiation to pass through and protects life on earth. However, the atmosphere […]

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Today’s Fact : Where Badminton began ?

In Badminton, a shuttlecock is hit across a net, using lightweight rackets. Sports historians believe that Indians played an indoor game similar to badminton in the 12th century. Badminton, as we know it, was first played in Pune , India. The game was called ‘Ponne’ . It was popular among British army officers, especially during […]

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Why people faint?

Why people faint?

Oxygen is very important for our bodies, even more important than food or water. When we breathe, blood absorbs the oxygen from our lungs and carries it to the tissues and organs. The part of the body which is most dependent on oxygen is the brain. If the brain does not receive enough, it cannot […]

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Slash and burn farming

Today’s interesting fact : What ‘slash-and-burn’ farming is?

In many poor countries of the world, hungry families practice ‘slash-and-burn’ farming. They cut down or ‘slash’ a patch of forest land and burn it to clear vegetation. Several times a year they plant crops on the land. The work is all done by hand. Usually, the first two harvest are good. After three or […]

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