Today’s Fact: How cows warm our earth?

Hey guys here i present u another amazing and interesting fact Cattle are important farm animals, because they supply dairy product, leather and other materials. In India, few people eat beef because of religious reasons. India has 460 millions cattle, more than any other country in the world. Most Indian cows, however, are thin and […]

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Today’s Fact: How ice can burn you?

Hey all Here is another amazing and interesting fact for you by planet4facts You probably think that only hot objects, such as a lighted match, can burn you. When you touch something hot, the nerve-endings in your fingers react at once. The nerve instantly flashes a message to the brain, telling it that something dangerous […]

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Today’s Fact: Why bones survive?

Hey guys here is new amazing and interesting fact for you all Why bones survive???? You probably think that a person’s bones disintegrate soon after death. In fact, bones are quiet resistant to decay. Archaeologists – scientists who study past cultures by digging up ancient towns cities – sometimes find human skeletons that are very […]

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Today’s Fact: what the ‘abominable snowman’ is?

Hey guys Here i am presenting you another interesting and amazing fact about abominable snowman… Legends have it that a huge, hairy, man-like creature lives in the Himalayas. This is the Yeti, or the abdominal snowman. Many Tibetans claim to have seen the Yeti. Some years ago, mountaineers in the Himalayas Photographed a huge footprint […]

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Today’s Fact: How detergents pollute earth?

Hello to all Here i m presenting you another new interesting and fun fact about how detergents pollute our earth? A detergent is a chemical used for cleaning. Usually, when we say ‘detergent’ we mean a cleaning agent that is made from synthetic substances. You possible use powdered detergents to wash your clothes at home. […]

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Today’s Fact: How Basketball began?

Hey guy’s here i m a with an amazing and interesting fact Basketball is a relatively ’new’ game. People have played it for only a hundred years. In 1891, James Naismith, a sport instructor in the United States, found that school children got bored with routine exercises. Also, it was difficult to play outdoor games […]

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Teachers day

Teachers Day 2019 : What and why???

On the day of 5th September Teachers day is celebrated in all over the country. On this day students pay their respect and love to their teachers in there own way. Some students give flowers to their teachers for respect, some give gifts to their teachers and etc. Students believe that teachers give all their […]

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