We all are aware about these two social media  apps Instagram and Whatsapp but lot of people are still unknown to the fact that  these two social media platforms are the sub-brands of Facebook. Mark Zukerbarg bought Instagram in year 2012 and Whatsapp in 2014 and since the Facebook allowed these two applications to operate as independent entities.

These companies had their own managers, employees, and even their work place is separate places. Facebook has taken many steps in the past few years to make Whatsapp and Instagram less independent. But on this Friday, Facebook has confirmed the rebranding of these two apps. Facebook will rename these apps and add it’s name into it. So Instagram will be called as “Intagram from Facebook” and similarly, Whatsapp will be kown as “Whatsapp from Facebook”.

The main motive behind renaming these brand is that facebook wants the people to know that these two applications are owned by it. Facebook want to make it clear to all about the the products and services that are owned by it.

Or in simple words we can say that Facebook has a great vision of connecting messaging system between Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

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