Today’s Fact: How detergents pollute earth?

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Here i m presenting you another new interesting and fun fact about how detergents pollute our earth?

A detergent is a chemical used for cleaning. Usually, when we say ‘detergent’ we mean a cleaning agent that is made from synthetic substances.

You possible use powdered detergents to wash your clothes at home. The raw materials in detergents come from petroleum, coal, animal fats and many other substances. The ingredient that does the actual cleaning is called a ‘surfactant’. When you put your dirty clothes in a solution of detergent, surfactant molecules surround the particles of dirt in your clothes and pull the dirt away.

Many detergents contain chemicals called phosphates. Phosphates are eaten by tiny organisms called algae which live in our rivers. The algae multiply so fast that they use up all the oxygen in the river and eventually, the river dies.

Nowadays, some detergent are believed to be ‘environmentally friendly’ because they do not contain phosphates. But they may still contain other harmful chemicals.

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    (February 17, 2020 - 4:56 am)

    I’m really looking forward to read more on this topic.

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