Today’s Fact : What indicator species are?

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I m here with a new interesting and fun fact about what indicator species are?

Animals share a complex and fascinating relationship with their habitat. Elephants, for examples, are the largest land mammals, but even they seem dwarfed when surrounded by the vast plains of Africa or the tall grasses of north-east India.

These grasses are ‘fed’ by rivers which deposit flood waters all over them during the monsoons. When the rains are over, the rich deposit of slit left behind promotes even better growth. The fact that elephants trample and eat this grass does not damage the ecosystem. Elephants pollinate grass by carrying the seeds on their bodies when they move about from place to place. So both the grasses and the elephants benefits from each other’s presence.

Animals like the elephants are called ‘indicator’ species, because their presence indicates that the habitat is brimming with health.

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