Today’s Fact: Where talcum powder comes from?

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Today i m gonna tell you the interesting and fun fact about where talcum powder comes from?????

Talcum powder is the soft, white powder which soothes your skins during the hot summer months. It is made from mineral called talc.

Talc is the softest mineral known to us. Chemically, it is compound of magnesium called magnesium silicate. The best quality talc comes from Italy, but there are talc deposits in England, Canada and Germany as well.

To make talcum powder we first grind the magnesium silicate to a fine powder and pass it through sieves to remove the coarse grains. Then we add perfume and pack it in tins.

Some talcum powders have medication added to them. For examples, there are special talcum powders to fight prickly heat or rash. Others are used against fungal infections of the skin.

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