What the ‘ Chipko movement’ is?

‘Chipko’ means ‘to hug’ or to cling to something. The chipko Movement is an ecology movement that was started by the women of a village called Reni in the Indian Himalayas. They protected their trees from woodcutters by hugging them. The concept soon caught the imagination of the world and now the term Chipko has become synonymous with forest conversation around the world.

One very well-known British environmentalist, who works closely with leaders of the Chipko movement such as Sundarlal Bahuguna, is Edward Goldsmith, the charismatic editor of the Ecologist Magazine. IN New York, hundreds of conversation gathered together in Central Park to hug the trees to express their solidarity with the Chipko Movement.

Though the women of Reni are not very educated and many do not even understand what we mean by biodiversity, ecology, the ozone hole or the greenhouse effect, they have taught us that if we destroy nature, we too will be destroyed.

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