Why people faint?

Why people faint?

Oxygen is very important for our bodies, even more important than food or water. When we breathe, blood absorbs the oxygen from our lungs and carries it to the tissues and organs. The part of the body which is most dependent on oxygen is the brain. If the brain does not receive enough, it cannot control the rest of the body. The person loses control over his limbs, and faints.

Fainting can have many causes. A tight collar can partially blood flow to the brain. A stuffy room, which has less oxygen, can also cause fainting.

Many people faint if they are out in the sun for too long. In the hot sun, the body tries keep cool by sweating profusely. Blood supply to the skin increase and that to the brain decreases.

If a person faints, you should loosen his clothes and put his head between his knees so that blood can flow easily into the head. Usually he will very soon recover consciousness

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